Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free SharePoint Webpart: Show libraries and lists as icons

This free SharePoint 2010 Webpart allows you to show icons with hyperlinks pointing to libraries or lists.

Download the solution

Installation: SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010
  1. Paste the IconMenuWebPart.wsp and Instal.bat files in a temp folder on your SharePoint server
  2. Run the BAT file
  3. Go to Central Admin and deploy the IconMenuWebPart solution
  4. In your SharePoint site: create a picture library called "IconLibrary" and another called "IconList". You have then to upload the icons related to your library in "IconLibrary" and the icons related to your list in "IconList". Pay attention, the matching between the libraries or lists and the icons are based on the name, so an icon must have the same name as the related library or list.
  5. Insert the IconMenuWebPart webpart in a SharePoint page. Edit this webpart by filling information in the WebPart configuration tab.
  6. That's it ! Please post your comment on my blog.

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